Giving Tomorrow over to God

This weeks blog is a bit related to last weeks in respect to the issue of worry. When we worry, how well have we  given TOMORROW over to God? None of us know what is going to happen twenty four hours from now. I certainly don’t. I pray that I wake up in the morning. Any day is a good day when we are able to do that.

Those of who call ourselves children of God should understand that our futures are not in our hands but they are in God’s hands. He is responsible for the joys we experience and he is responsible for the challenges. There is a line by a main character who happens to be wealthy in the movie Titanic and he says as the ship is sinking, “I make my own luck”, in the process of pulling out a bundle of money. For us as Christians  that luck is in fact God’s blessing and the blessings of tomorrow come from God! Let us never forget that.


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  1. Sharon W says:

    Pastor Aaron, thanks for these thoughts on worrying. This reminds me of a thought I had the other day – when I say “God does not seem to be with me right now” it is not that he is not there, it is just that I am worrying about how I am going to handle something and not calling on him to be with me at the moment to guide me.

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