Church History

How well do all of us know our church history? I am not referring to the history of our local church family, although that something in which we all should be familiar with I think. No, I am talking about the church as a whole.

Growing up through our educational system we start in grade school  learning the constitution in the first grade ( or second perhaps) as we become familiar with American History.  We learn about our forefathers, such as Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson. Granted at the point in our education the subject is called social studies. Not only do we learn American History but World History as well. History is so important to the learning process that it continues into college.  If our interests develop in our education we may very well choose to focus a little more deeply on specific topics.

My question is how well do Christians know their church history? The average Christian does not have to go to seminary to learn the background of how we came to be who we are and where we are now in the life of the church. Find a book from the library or bookstore and just read and learn. It’s fascinating not to mention edifying. I highly encourage it.

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