What Would Jesus Do?

I am a huge believer that life is all about choices and I base that logic upon my own experiences. Throughout my own life I have made decisions that have had a positive impact on my life and brought rewards. Other decisions though I have paid for along the way, many of which I regret.

No where in the Bible that I know of does it mention anything about the idea of ‘choices’ but what I do believe is that God gives us free will and with free will we have the ability to honor and bring glory to God or to dishonor Him completely. When we CHOOSE to be kind and loving to our neighbors and to our families do you suppose this behavior lifts up God. Of course it is. As Christians when we choose to be hateful towards others how could such behavior honor God?

We have the power to shape our lives. How we shape them is entirely up to us.  When we give our lives over to Jesus I think making good choices becomes so much more important because you are then living your life for Christ. Yet the reassurance we have as Christians is that when we make decisions that tend to cause regret we are forgiven by God. Our sins were forgiven by way of  the sacrifice Jesus made for us upon the Cross at Calvary. That is our reassurance.

Praise be to God for all the blessings that we receive from Him and the strength and wisdom He gives us in the life moments when we must choose between right and wrong. The majority of the time we know what to do. The question we can ask ourself is simple: “What Would Jesus Do?”   Amen.

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