What is Your Most Prized Possession?

If you asked the average person the aforementioned question, what would they tell you? It might be an expensive car, it might be a diamond ring, it would be anything that you hold of great value. When you ask a Christian that question, what would their reply be? I would hope their answer would be, “My Bible”.

Nothing in my mind is more important to a believer, for many reasons, than their Holy Bible. It is a guidepost, a beacon to a better way of life. They are sixty-six books that describe, in different ways and in different contexts what it means to be in relationship with God and how to live according to God’s plan for our lives. We all have our favorite scriptures. The list is long for me and I hope it is for you too.

At the end of the day t=you know that the Bible is in fact your most prized possession because it is something that you could not live without. Do you take everywhere you go? Do you have a specific translation that you prefer to read? Some like the NIV, some care for the King James or perhaps even The Message. No matter what, it is what you value the most above everything you own.

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