Go To The Nearest House of Worship

Summer is coming and will soon be here within a month officially.  The school year is coming to end and summer school will be upon us soon, at least it will be in my family.  My wife and I are planning our vacation around summer school this year. Many of are us are doing just that–planning our vacations.

What I am about to offer you might sound  like a broken record because you will always here me say it around this time of year as summer nears. I know when we are home we do our best to attend worship as often as we can. In the same respect attending church while we are on vacation is not as complicated as it might sound. Some of us might be going to the beach, others might be going to the mountains or perhaps we might stay in Missouri and go to a state park. I’m all for that. No matter where we find ourselves on a Sunday morning let’s take an hour to worship God.

Because communion is so very important to us as Disciples of Christ I do encourage folks to find a Disciples church wherever you might be and attend. If not then at least go worship at a church  where you might be comfortable, no matter the tradition. This is what God wants of us and I guarantee you if you don’t you will find throughout the following week that you missed doing something on Sunday which is attending church. We need that  boost that comes from worshipping with fellow believers and chances are wherever you go will be their welcome guest.


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