A Life and Death in Christ

In my line of work there are days in which I am called to the bedside of one who is leaving this earth.  I work as a volunteer chaplain at Mercy Jefferson and from time to time I am asked to minister to families of a loved one who is in the dying stages.  For those of us who have been at the beside of a family member as they have passed away we know that it is not easy to witness.

   Death is a part of life and it is something we cannot avoid. Someone once said there are two things that none of us can avoid–death and taxes.  Before we leave this life saying goodbye to a loved one is something we all will have to do.  My hope is that when that happens we can have the reassurance that that person had Christ in their lives and they have the glorious opportunity to spend eternity with Him. 

 It is one thing for us to die with Christ but at the same time I hope we all can live with Christ as well. There is no other life like it, for in Him we find our salvation, we find our strength, we find our joy. If you have someone in your life who does not know Christ, share with them the Gospel but most of all allow yourself to be a living witness to Him.

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