Only God Knows

If someone were to ask what the hardest job is in the while I will tell them I have it. It’s not being a pastor. Ok sure there is stress and challenges involved in being a congregational pastor  but that’s not what I’m talking about. I have another 24/7 job that’s even harder, that requires making good choices but also on a daily basis I must not have any regrets no matter what I do or say—that job is being a parent. It’s tough but I wouldn’t trade anything for it in the world nor I think would my wife.

To say the least there are days in which I would love for my children, ages three and six to be out of the house and in college, all grown up. I wish it more often then I should. I wish I could speed up time. But then God reminds me He is in the one in charge of time and not me. I wish I could tell the future and know what sort of men my boys are going to be. Again….only God knows that. All my wife and I can do is our best in raising our children with God’s help along the way. I don’t know what 2014 is going to look like but as long as we have God in the mix everything will be ok no matter what may come our way. Praise the Lord!!!

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